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Affordable Best Air Purifier for Home India 2021 

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  • 99.99% of bacteria, viruses, and allergens are captured by a special Green Anti-Virus HEPA Filter of the Coway air purifier India. 
  • It traps cigarette smoke, formaldehyde, and odors with its patented Urethane Carbon Filter.
  • If the HEPA or carbon filters need replacing, the indicator blinks.
  • Through intuitive colors, the Indoor Air Quality Indicator provides real-time information on your indoor air quality.
  • An air purifier’s Intelligent Auto Mode adjusts its speed automatically based on the quality of the air.
  • Cleans quickly with a special turbo mode.
  • Today the number one seller of air purifiers in India is Coway.
  • Coway has the R&D center for Air Care Products with 243 researchers. 
  • An intelligent design allows for the maximum amount and quality of air to flow.
  • Ideal for Living Room, Bedrooms, and Offices
  • The design is slim and blends anywhere.
  •  Air quality determines the automatic speed adjustment.
  • The indicator indicates when the filter needs to be cleaned and replaced.
  • 5 years of Motor warranty by the manufacturer.
  • Affordable Best Air Purifier for Home India 2021 is a must-have product considering its features.





Top 3 Affordable Best Air Purifier for Home India 2021

Topic: Affordable Best Air Purifier for Home India 2021


As per the present scenario, having an air purifier for your home and office is not a luxury, it has become an essential item for your home, office, or even in your gym. If you are planning to buy an Affordable Best Air Purifier for Home India 2021 and searching the web for the best deal. Don’t worry your search ends here. No need to waste your time by searching the top 10 air purifiers in India, we have done extensive research for you and presenting you the curated list of Best air purifier in India under 15000 which will help you to get the best deal.

Let us check the amazing features and reviews of the Top 3 Affordable Best Air Purifier for Home India 2021

Coway air purifier India :

This Coway air purifier India features an award-winning design and also it is very user-friendly.

Let us check the Technical Aspect of Conway air purifier India :

This air purifier requires a standard Power Supply of 230 V 50 HZ. While working, this device produces very little noise, which is  22-49 dB. The weight of this air purifier is 7.50 Kg.

Its Clean Air Delivery Rate (CADR) is 303 cubic m/hr.

This air purifier includes multiple filters to provide you healthy and fresh air :

  • PM10 Particles are blocked by their Life-Long Pre-Filter.
  • With a patented urethane carbon filter it is able to deodorize the air & remove organic compounds from the air for up to 8500 hours.
  • There are multiple layers of Anti-Virus Green HEPA Filter, which has an 8500-hour lifespan, allowing it to effectively trap PM2.5 particles, Viruses, and Allergens.
  • Intuitive colors give users a real-time impression of air quality thanks to the smart pollution sensor in this air purifier.
  •  Speed will automatically adjust according to the quality of the air.
  •  It also has a clean and replaces filter indicator.

The manufacturer provides a warranty of  5 Years Warranty on Motor, 1 Year Warranty on Product.

For optimized airflow, it features a Smart design which ensures an innovative flow path for high efficiency (better reach and maximum airflow). It can provide coverage up to 355 sq. ft / 33 sq. meters.

Best for your  Living Room, Bed Rooms & Offices. It is very slim in design so it can be installed anywhere.

No need to open the front cover to remove the pre-filter! The Pre-Filter can be cleaned regularly without risking exposure to allergens & viruses on the HEPA & Carbon Filters.

All filters are securely assembled inside the AirMega 150’s front cover. Due to the batch separation feature, you are able to transport front panels to any location for cleaning. Your safe living space no longer requires you to open or clean filters.

HEPA filters are equipped with Easy Tags. To avoid direct contact with bacteria and viruses, please remove HEPA filters from the Filters section using a tag.

Together, the Green and Activated Carbon filters can be safely installed. By holding the tag on the HEPA filter, you can vacuum clean the carbon filter, ensuring safety and contactless cleaning. Filters should not be separated unless absolutely necessary. There is a risk of them being damaged.

Things we like :

  • Presence of Green True Hepa Filter 
  • Produces negligible noise
  • The broader are coverage 

Things could be improved :

  • Do not find any except the price could be a bit cheaper.

Considering the above-mentioned facts, Coway air purifier India is one of the best air purifier in India under 15000.

Philips Air Purifier – Best Air Purifier for Home India 2021

  • Philips Air Purifier ac2887 eliminates 99.90% of bacteria and viruses.
  • This best air purifier for the home is capable of removing the H1N1 virus. 
  • The machine is 99.99% effective against pollen, dust mites, and mold. A good choice for living rooms or medium-sized rooms
  • Ultra-Low Noise (20dba at sleep mode): As quiet as an average whisper Intelligent Light Control: Choose the lighting that suits your mood
  • VitaShield naturally purifies 99.97% airborne pollutants as small as 0.003 micron
  • High-performing aerodynamics boost efficient airflow
  • 3 modes for different types of pollutants
  • Philips provides 2 years of warranty.
  • Amazing features like these make this air purifier one of the Best Air Purifier for Home India 2021.

Let us check the Technical Aspects and amazing features of Philips Air Purifier : 

You can choose between 3 different smart settings for the 2000 Series: General, Allergen, and Bacteria & Virus. Ensure your home is always cleaner, if possible, by activating the appropriate auto mode


According to indoor pollutant levels, air flow, and filter operation time, filter lifetime can be accurately calculated. If the filter needs to be replaced, the healthy air protect alert will inform you promptly.


In order to prevent ineffective purification, the filter must be replaced promptly to prevent this. Therefore, your air will always be healthier.


In silent mode, the purifier lowers its fan speed and noise level for a more peaceful night’s sleep.


In order to minimize light disturbance for consumers, both AQI and the UI light can be dimmed or turned off.


A boosted clean air delivery rate of 344 m3/hr* is achievable with Vitashield IPS thanks to the aerodynamic design and NanoProtect Filter.


 This equipment is capable of removing ultra-fine particles as small as 20nm and can reduce harmful gases such as formaldehyde, TVOC, and odor. It has a 99.9% removal rate.


Airflow is boosted by aerodynamic architecture.


By using air sensors, bacteria & viruses are rarely detected. This implies increasing airflow and increasing air exchange per hour is the most effective way to reduce the particles. As a result of this mode, the purifier boosts air flow, and the high-quality HEPA filter immediately captures 99.9% of bacteria and viruses.


With AeraSense, particles smaller than PM2.5 (including most indoor allergens) are accurately detected. Using this information, the purifier automatically adjusts its settings to ensure the purifier is functioning effectively and continuously.


A particularly unique feature of the Allergen mode includes an event detection algorithm from AeraSense – a high-grade sensor for detecting daily events such as a moving pillow or a vacuum cleaner wandering by. In response to these events, the purifier boosts the airflow in order to eliminate as much allergen risk as possible.


Features like aerasense, filters like HEPA filter and capability to remove virus and bacterias up to 99% make us compel to list Philips Air Purifier ac2887 in our Top 3 Affordable Best Air Purifier for Home India 2021.